Get free extra lives in Candy Crush Saga.
On mobile devices, you can manually set ahead your time to refill your full lives in without paying!
1. Go to Settings on your device.
2. Scroll down to "Date & time"

3. Tap the check-mark next to "automatic date & time"

4. Tap the "Set time"

5. Set your clock ahead 2 hours.

Now you never have to pay for Candy Crush lives again with this cheat! Simply follow these steps to regenerate a full set of lives in no time. Just remember that after you advance the clock, do not start playing. Go back and change the clock back to the regular time before you start playing or else when you switch it back it will make you wait a very long time to generate a life regularly. Enjoy playing unlimited Candy Crush with this cheat on how to get free lives all the time!
Candy Crush Extra Life for Facebook If you are playing on Facebook, there's a neat trick that can earn you an extra life! When you have one life left, open up Candy Crush in a new tab (keeping the first one open), so you have two tabs open. When you lose your last life in the first tab, you'll still have one left in the second tab!