The Toffee Tornado is a type of blocker that appears in Candy Crush Saga.

A Toffee Tornado essentially blocks one random square on a board. After every move, they will shift over to a new square and continue their disruption.

When a Toffee Tornado lands on a square, the square will become cracked. When a square is cracked, no candies can fall into it even after the Toffee Tornado travels to a news spot. This basically means, the Toffee Tornado blocks a square for two entire moves. However, the squares will return to normal afterwards and candy can continue to fall into place.

A Toffee Tornado will also set off a special candy if it lands on it. This can pose as a massive problem if you are planning to form special candy combinations or use the special candy later in the game.

Yet, there is a plus with Toffee Tornados as they can assist you in your dealings with other blockers. When a Toffee Tornado lands on a square with a blocker, they will clear it away or shed a layer from it. But you should note, a Toffee Tornado will never break a jelly square.

How do I clear away a Toffee Tornado in Candy Crush Saga?

Unfortunately, you can never completely rid the board of a Toffee Tornado as they can not be cleared away with any candy or match. They also suffer no damage from the Lollipop Hammer booster and Sweet Teeth booster.

The Toffee Tornados also seem to avoid Coconut Wheels and the Cake Wheels.

But a player can banish a Toffee Tornado away for five moves. To disable a Toffee Tornado, you must use a special candy against it.

Where do Toffee Tornados appear in Candy Crush Saga?

The Toffee Tornados first appeared in Candy Crush Saga level 411 as a new blocker in episode 29, Soda Swamp. As of now, the Toffee Tornado appears in a total of 22 Candy Crush Saga levels.

The pesky blockers can also be found in these challenging following levels:

Candy Crush Saga level 417

Candy Crush Saga level 419

Candy Crush Saga level 421

Candy Crush Saga level 425 (This level is especially difficult as the Toffee Tornados set off the special candies needed to fill your order of special candy combinations)

Candy Crush Saga level 459 (Features 9 Toffee Tornados)