The Candy Crush Conveyor Belt is a special type of teleporter that appears in Candy Crush Saga. The unique addition to the game was first introduced during Candy Crush Saga level 531 during the Sticky Savannah episodes. The conveyor belt has also been known as Travelator.

How do I use the Candy Crush Conveyor Belt in Candy Crush Saga?

The conveyor belt can be used and seen as a horizontal or vertical teleporter. You can spot them on a board by their single black line and pink arrows which will show you which direction they are going.

In addition to that, you will also find that there are portals at both ends of the conveyor belt. The portals indicate where a candy will start and end on the conveyor belt. For instance, when a candy flows through a portal, it will then reappear to the other side and start the shifting process once more.

After every move you make, the conveyor belt will shift up one space in the direction shown by the arrows. Because of the constant shuffling of the conveyor belt, you will need to adjust your strategy for each level.

So, is the conveyor belt a negative element to the Candy Crush Saga?

candy crush conveyor belt

The conveyor belt presents some rather interesting negatives as well as positives.

As a negative, the conveyor belt moves after ever turn. This of course means you will constantly have candies, special candies, and blockers on the move, making it harder to use and clear them.

For example, you may want or need to save your special candies for a latter point in the game and the conveyor belt may not give you easy access to them. The conveyor belt may even accidentally activate when you don't really want to use it. However, as a plus, the conveyor belt may also be used as an efficient tool. Much like a created cascade effect, the conveyor belt may make matches all on their own without you having to shift a candy. This function will prove to be quite useful when you are low on turns and need to clear out more space from the board.

What levels can I find the Candy Crush Conveyor Belt?

Since its introduction, the conveyor belt has appeared in 30 different levels.

Some of the more difficult Candy Crush Saga levels with the conveyor belt


Candy Crush Saga level 531 (the conveyor belt is first introduced)

Candy Crush Saga level 532 (begin with conveyor belt of licorice swirls)

Candy Crush Saga level 535 (two vertical conveyor belts)

Candy Crush Saga level 539 (a vertical conveyor belt with a dispenser)

Candy Crush Saga level 543 (a converor belt underneath a 4 chocolate fountains)