The Cake Bomb blocker in Candy Crush Saga takes up 4 squares on the board and is the hardest to clear out of any blocker in the game. The Cake Bomb can take anywhere from one up to eight hits in order to clear off the board.

Making matches next to the Candy Crush cake will begin to break off pieces one at a time. Hitting the cake with special candies or special candy combinations can clear up to four pieces of cake at a time. There are eight pieces of cake that must be cleared, two pieces in each quadrant.

Once all eight pieces of the Candy Crush Cake Bomb blocker are cleared, a pink party popper will appear and wipe all the existing candies and blockers off of the board. If the blockers have more than one layer, the pink party popper will clear one layer off of those blockers. This is a great way to clear your board when you do not have any good matches to make. However, all of your special candies will also be removed before they are activated. So you might want to wait to clear the whole Cake Bomb until you have used all your special candies to your advantage.

In terms of the points you can earn from Cake Bombs, you will not gain points for breaking off slices of cake. The only points you can get from clearing the Cake depends on the candies that are cleared from the pink party popper.

Candy Crush Cake Bomb Tips

Use special candy combos to remove several slices of the cake at once (striped + wrapped, color bomb + striped, wrapped + wrapped).

Clear the cake bombs as soon as possible in jelly levels, because they usually will have jelly underneath them.

When the cake bomb is cleared all your special candies will be cleared off the board. Make sure to remove the cake bomb at the opportune moment so that you do not lose valuable special candies.