Always look for special candies.

Special candy moves are always better than the basic 3 candy match. There are three types of special candies in Candy Crush Saga: striped candy, wrapped candy, and color bomb.

Here are all the different matches and special candies you can make in Candy Crush Saga, including how to make the three different types of special candies (striped candy, wrapped candy, and color bomb). We have all the matching information, tips and cheats you need to become a candy-matching master.

Remember: matching more candies is always better! You will find when you match special candies together with each other (those that are striped, in wrappers, jellys etc), exciting things will happen! You can only complete levels by pairing off candies in groups of three or more either vertically or horizontally, but there are many special matches, candies, and tricks you can do to get power ups, bonuses and even more points!

Candy Crush Combinations
3 Candy Matches

3 Matches are the most basic candy crushes in the game. To get three matches you must align three of the same colored candy either vertically or horizontally.

4 Candy Matches = Striped Candy

By matching 4 candies together you will get a striped candy of this color. It is much more valuable to match 4 candies together if you can because the striped candies can produce line blasts that will remove all candies in the same line, horizontally or vertically.

5 Candy Matches in an L or T = Wrapped Candy

By matching 5 candies in an L or T formation (see image), you get a wrapped candy. This candy, when activated, will explode twice and clear the surrounding 4×4 candies.

5 Candy Matches = Color Bomb (or Sprinkle)

By matching 5 candies you will get a big chocolate ball that is covered in rainbow sprinkles. This is a great candy to use for when you combine this candy with a normal candy of any color it will blast and remove all of the candies of that same color. Try not to use this candy right away in the beginning for you will gain more points if you use it later in the level when you need more points.

Chameleon Candies (or rainbow candies) These candies, introduced in level 306 are unique in that they are dynamic! Any candy contained in a rainbow sphere will change colors after each move is made. Each candy will vary between 2 colors (if it is blue then yellow, the next turn, it’ll be yellow again). These candies can be cleared like a normal candy. They are often found encased in marmalade.

Sugar Crush

A Sugar Crush occurs when at the end of a level you have either have more moves remaining or special candies left over. You can use these to get a Sugar Crush where you will get bonus points for having beaten the level so well.

Important Tip About Matching: Often times the game will give you a hint for candies to match (they will be flashing and moving on the screen) when you haven’t made a move in a certain amount of time. We recommend not always using this unless you are out of moves because their hints are random and are merely recommendations, and not necessarily the best move. Explore your other options before taking a hint as you only have a certain amount of moves.