How Do I Clear and Crush Chocolate?

Any chocolate on your board can be cleared in two ways.

You can crush chocolate by making a move adjacent to the chocolate-either a normal 3 candy combination or a special candy combinations. One move can clear multiple pieces of chocolate, as long as a candy is next to (or above or below) a piece of chocolate.

You can also crush chocolate by activating a special candy-if you activate a striped candy in the same row as a piece of chocolate, the special candy will crush chocolate, potentially many chocolates. This is true for any special candy and any special candy combinations

Chocolate Fountains (or Chocolate Spawners or Chocolate Fans)

Starting on level 156, Candy Crush introduces the chocolate fountain. These new blockers will regenerate new chocolate-even if you've already cleared every piece from the level. For every non-chocolate crushing move you make, a new piece of chocolate will be spawned. The only exception is for your first and second move of a game if the board does not start with any chocolate but only the chocolate fountains.

Only one piece of chocolate will spawn at a time but a level can have an unlimited amount of chocolate fountains and chocolate fountains cannot be destroyed.