A licorice X, is the second type of licorice blockers in Candy Crush Saga. These blockers are similar to a locked door or cage–they will contain a candy or blocker within them but they are locked away.

When a candy or blocker is contained in a licorice X, they cannot be moved, so you must make moves to accommodate clearing the locked candies.

These candies appear early in the game, like in level 77, but they begin to really pose a threat in higher levels like 129 and 161 where moves are more limited.

How do I clear Licorice Xs?

Licorice Xs (or locked candies) are exceptionally hard to clear because any candy or blocker contained in the X is not automatically cleared when the X is! Any candy or blocker that is underneath a locked licorice will need to be cleared a second time after you clear the X.

As you can see in this gif, even though you cleared the X from the orange candy, you did not clear the candy as well.

In order to clear a licorice X, you’ll need to match a like-colored candy or with a special candy combination. In levels where you have rows of licorice Xs, you’re best off trying to make a striped candy to knock them out quickly rather than taking them on one by one.

A benefit to the Licorice Xs is that can prevent other blockers from spreading! If you have Licorice Xs blocking rows of chocolate, the chocolate will not be able to respawn (or replicate) until the licorice is cleared.

In this gif, you can see once the licorice X is cleared, the bomb-candy is absorbed by the chocolates.