Meringues are a blocker in Candy Crush. They are often confused for whipped cream or frosting. These blockers occupy a space on the board until they are cleared. No candy can be contained under a meringue but a meringue can conceal a jelly square.

Once a meringue is cleared, even if there is a jelly, a candy can fall into the slot.

What Are Multi-Layered Meringues?

Multi-layered meringues are one of the most common blockers in Candy Crush. These blockers occupy a square space and cannot be moved. Multi-layered meringues change in appearance as more layers are added.

An empty tin - These are rare to find in game (you can in level 116) but an "empty" tin is a type of meringue. It can be cleared with one hit.

A double-layered meringue - These require two hits to clear.

A triple-layered meringue - These require three hits to clear.

A quadruple-layered meringue - These require four hits to clear

A quintuple layered meringue - These require five hits to clear.

When you clear a 4-layered meringue once, it will take the appearance of a 3-layer meringue. This is useful because it can help you keep track of how many hits you still need to clear the meringue completely.

Multi-layered meringues get even trickier because underneath their layers there can also be jelly or a double jelly. This means that after having had to clear multiple layers, you'll need to clear the jelly too. A five layered meringue over a double jelly will require seven clears.

How Do I Clear Meringues and Multi-Layered Meringues?

Meringues and multi-layered meringues can be cleared in two main ways. The first is by making a move adjacent to the meringue, like chocolate and licorice swirls, to clear the meringue.

The second way to clear meringues is to make a special candy combination that affects them-the most effective special candy combination for wiping out layers on multi-layered meringues is a wrapped+striped candy. However, a normal striped candy can also do the trick.

Note: unlike candy bombs, meringues do not have a color which means that a color bomb is not going to clear the meringues directly (unless an adjacent candy is zapped).